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Hey Brett! You're my hero

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Alfie has some insight, and some praise for a countryman, Feb 21-06

Is it me or is there a similarity between the TNHL Red Team and the Canadian Men's Olympic squad? Neither team seems to be playing collectively as a single unit. Too many stars?

Hmmm.... not sure but one thing is for sure. Unless, both teams start to pass more often to their teammates, play positional hockey and understand the need to be visible in both the offensive and defensive zones, it's going to be difficult to face the media and the millions of fans who adore both teams.

At a well known establishment on Queen Street West, often frequented by such teams as the White squad, Sweden, Slovakia and team Russia, I overhead several players openly acknowledge how easy it is to play against team red. It's time for a new approach team red!

Note: I would like to openly acknowledge play-maker Brett C. for his ability to see the game and his teammates.

Lee likes being "bait", Feb 1-06

Dear Mr. Commissioner:

I am absolutely thrilled that I would be considered trade bait for Christen - considering the week previous, the deal was me for a bag of pucks and a slightly used water bottle that only The Senator's lips have kissed.

But to suggest that I ever make an effort to pass the puck is absolutely absurd.  Have you seen the curve on my stick?  That is what you call a goal-scorer's stick.  Unlike the poleaxe carried by Ned "The Impaler" or the fisherman's special employed by Manning, we're talking about a fine piece of synthetic fibre.  Made purely to shot the puck.  I hope whichever team I end up on does not expect me to stoop to the level where I intentionally make a pass to one of my own.

While I thoroughly enjoy my teammates on the White Team, an opportunity to play with my brother is really appealing.  That and the fact that Gordon Manning will stop hitting me with cheap shots - especially after the whistle blows.  As exciting as that sounds, I'm also concerned with the lack of ice time that I'll get by switching sides.  Not that I'm a franchise player, but I need my share of ice time to work my magic and the long leisurely shifts enjoyed by many of the red forwards would have to end.


Mr. Lee.

I was robbed!!!! Lynn wants credit for three goal night, Jan 2-05

After scoring his first hat trick since Grade Six in last week's game, Bob "Bubba" Lynn said he didn't receive his due.

"I told my wife, my kids, even the guys at work- but do you think I get any credit from my peers? NOOOO. Just a lot of crap about some dumb stick.How many times does a guy score three in a lifetime?"

(ed note - in Bob's case, twice)

Let's give credit where credit is due!

The Wing Man weighs in on last night's report, Dec 21-05

1. just got an earful from my frenzied publicist... he was just catching a last minute flight to Bolivia, of all places... his message was simple... as the perpetual winner of the 'Lost Boy' award he was adamant that my hockey card read 'Wrong Wing' NOT 'Right Wing'!!

2. I think that goal you talked about was actually fired by Jim ( you know.. from 'just ask Jim') and I was actually the victim of a vicious and uncalled for 'mugging' at yourblue line. I could be wrong on this... it seems that the vicious and uncalled for'hit' may have given me a slight concussion which in turn triggered a severe butpartially enjoyable acid flashback.

3. I've got to comment on the reportage about last nights game....
no mention of Neds 3 'neddies'.. oh, I know he covets that trophy and
he'll do anything to claim it! He all but left Gord 'tractor pull' Lee looking like
a desperate tag-team-wrestler out there and Ned's rebuttal in the dressing
room was sort of like ' oh, did that happen?'

Noted agiatator Paul Swanson thinks the commissioner has gone overboard with his "Cross Over" policy

Declaring a cross-over makes sense when one team shows up deficient. But yesterday both teams had tons of players!

If you declare a cross-over every time one team has a few more players than the other, we'll be putting asterisks on way too many games.

Or we could just say to the teams that if they let their players play for the other team when there is no player deficiency on either side, don't cry when the players come back and score on you!

Using this approach, the bench is shortened when one team has too many players and the other team doesn't have to refuse these excess players (and, by the way, the turncoat players won't like being refused -- some red guys just like to play for the white side every few games -- something about red players never passing to each other, I heard.)

If we declare a crossover every time the benches aren't even, we're going to be nullifying a lot of games.

Should the cross over rule be changed? Lets have a vote

A passionate plea for 4 on 4 hockey, Nov 30-05

Remember the days when you woke up without a boner and you had nothing to play with for the rest of the day?

Reverting back to 5-on-5 hockey would remove that same joy from a select few.

Canada ain't no democracy. Screw what the majority wants. As part of a vocal
minority, we should rule!

Yea, you can argue the older guys aren't liking the open ice as the young kids
like Woolley, Swanson, Corrigan and Lee. But let's get realistic, its about the
rush of having the wind blow through your hair (maybe not in all cases for the
follically challenged) when a fleet-footed skater goes through a defenseman like a broken turnstile.

If the older guys want some rest, get your ass over to the bench and stop taking 2 minute shifts. I certainly don't see the kids taking long shifts that have them resorting to the malicious stickwork displayed by some of the seasoned veterans.

Hockey is a very basic game, and if Lost Boy Kohn can play 4-on-4, how could the imminently more cerebral veterans complain about not knowing what to do with more ice. SKATE!!!

4-on-4 hockey helps develop better hockey players. More room to skate, more time to stickhandle with the puck, more room to rev up so you can run the goalies - what's not to like? Maybe we can develop a player or two to represent Canada in the geriatric games in 2030. By then, George would have been retired for 50 years and he'd definitly qualify to play.

With the size of the men that we have playing in our league today, it's only right that we have less men on the ice before we have a collision and someone gets hurt.


Both hands on the stick

Our first rant of the new era, Nov 30-05

I strongly object to the insinuation in your recent "Game Report, Nov 29-05" that implies that me and my fellow veterans cannot handle the "open ice" in a 4 vs. 4 match. Are you suggesting that those of advanced years are incapable of change? Are you suggesting that we are physically and mentally challenged by this new alignment?

This is slander Sir! I for one find the new game both invigorating and stimulating. (and good for my stats, though I do not think this should be taken into consideration)

I demand a poll, nay a vote on the four on four issue. Let the masses decide on how our game shall progress in the 21st century. Let it not be left to the arbitrary rulings of a demented overbearing Commissioner.

Pat. C. Angry White Forward