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Bobby Schmautz


Is Chasse back on the stuff?

Schmautz finds out about the latest allegations in this week's Schmautz Shot

Agitators and Enforcers, a TNH love story October 6-2005

The NHL is starting fresh, but at the TNH the old ways still rule. Bobby Schmautz talks about the leagues' nostalgic love and hate relationship with its agitators and enforcers. This week's Schmautz shot.

Top 10 stories to watch in the TNH League in the 2005-06

Last night's 4-4 tie marked the end of the TNH exhibition season. The goateed one weighs in on the 2005-06 season. You can find Schmautz's top ten stories to watch here

Schmautz likes what he sees..

After a dis-heartening loss in the TNH championship last year, Team Strano is determined to regain the TNH cup. Schmautz weighs in on the season and returning "junior" Andrew Carter.

Will MacMurdo return?

On the eve of the 2005 TNH play-offs there is one question that's on everyone's lips: Where's MacMurdo? Our investigative reporter Bobby Schmautz has spent the last month tracking him down. Read all about it here

Pikk and Calarco to be reunited? March 7th, 2005

After his 4 goal performance, Pikk becomes instant trade bait. Read all about it here

Has Team Strano resorted to drugs to maintain the edge? Feb 9-2005

Team Strano won again last night, a 4-3 victory. Their recent string of victories have people wondering about "hockey's little helpers" Bobby Schmautz goes undercover to discover truth behind the allegations

Is Chasse vying for commissioner?

Read all about it in this week's Schmautz Shot here

Still Angry: A profile of Whiner Boy hopeful Dave Macmurdo

After his recent complaints about the big trade Dave "Angry Boy" Macmurdo is the leading candidate for this year's Whiner Boy award. Read all about it here

Bobby Schmautz asks: Whatever happened to Terry Sheehan?

Seven weeks ago, the diminutive sniper was the toast of TNH after scoring a hat trick in his first game of the season.

Boy, how things have changed....details here

Manning wants more! (Nov 15-04)

Despite a solid win in last week's game, Gord "Payton Place" Manning wants his teammates to care about winning as much as he does - and he doesn't see many of them in the Team White locker room. Read all about it here in this week's Schmautz shot.

This week's Schmautz Shot:

Gord Woolley, The Missing Weeks

The Goon Boy at rest?

An occasional TNH player profile from veteran freelance sports columnist Bobby Schmautz. This week Schmautz Shots profiles Goon Boy Ned Velagic