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2007 Winner decided!

McGee keeps a protective hold on the TNH cup


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Red Team pundit Paul Swanson puts in his vote for the Hockey Boy awards

With the season just over, Paul Swanson wants to be the first to vote for his Hockey Boy hopefuls. You can read Paul's picks here.

"With a whimper, not a bang"

It was Mike Killer Kohn who summed up the Red team's sentiments best as they fell to a powerful Christen squad 9-4. All the messy details can be found here

Strano returns, leads Team Christen to Victory

After spending most of 2007 on a self imposed hunger strike, former Captain Dee Strano returned to the ice last night to lead his team to an 8-4 victory.

Team Lee responds, wins second game by three goals

Was it a crossover or not? Team Lee gets back into TNH Cup contention with impressive victory. Find out all about it here.

Team Christen takes 1 goal lead in Spring Classic, April 3-2007

After blasting to a five goal lead, Team Christen fought off a comeback attempt by Team Lee, easily winning the opener 6-5. Details here.

Paul "Frenchy" Harp, Feb 17-06 explains his absence from Tuesday Night

Paul Harp sends us this Danby moment from Magog P.Q. where he spent the past weekend freezing his ass off in the innaugural, "I can't feel my face" Hockey tournament below, looking for Paul after the big game.

Bugden stars in sweater classic, Dec 19-06

"I was going to wear my lucky cardigan but decided against it" said Bugden after last night's match. Good thing he left it at home after scoring 3 goals in last night's Team Lee victory.

Bugden partnered with linemate Mike "Lost Boy" Kohn to absolutely befuddle rookie goalie Kowalik

"I've never seen two guys team up like that before" said Kowalik "I'm just glad there not out there all the time." Find out more about the sweater classic here.

Lewis looks for replacements, Nov 13-06

Responding to his captain's requests for new blood, Mark Lewis embarked on a scouting trip Monday night looking for "big, fast players with a sense of hockey tradition"

"I think I found him" commented Lewis "he's big, he's fast, but has a little problem with lateral movement."

Could the Stratford Streak be everything the Red team is looking for?

Lee was not impressed and had this to say about Mark's recent pick

"Does he know the guy is dead?"

Lewis defended his choice - "Yeah, but that'll mean he should fit right in on the Red Side. "

Is it time for a trade to even the sides? Weigh in now or forever hold your peace

Let the whining begin! Lee wants a recount, Oct. 17-06

Was Gord Lee duped by one of the leading arbitration specialists in North America? Only his hair dresser knows for sure. After a couple of "average" games by his hand picked squad, Lee now says he was tricked by veteran lawyer Christen in the annual draft.

"When Brett said he would play fair, I took him at his word" said Lee when reached for comment. "I guess I was so anxious to make sure that (Art Boys) Kohn and Corrigan weren't upset, that I totally forgot Harp and Strano were in the draft"

Christen apparently promised that he would not take the two captains from last year's squad but changed his mind.

"I guess Satan posessed me for a moment" said Lawyer Boy Christen "and I took advantage of the situation. But hey, I'm willing to compromise. I'm open to any trade suggestions - hey I'll even trade Pearce for Woolley straight up. No questions asked."

Lee has vowed an official protest, but since the draft was held without official witnesses (an interesting yet typical ploy by Christen) both acting and inactive commissioner's Chasse and McGee have refused to get involved.

An angry Lee has vowed to "inspire his troops" to play hockey tonight as a sign of protest.

Do you think Gord was duped? Send us your feedback here

Finally, a question for Jim, October 17-06

E. Peller wants to know if he can heat mould his skates at home. You can find Jim's answer here.

Corrigan serves notice - "If pummelled, I will sue", Oct 4-06

TNH vet Pat Corrigan, inspired by a recent court decision, has threatened to make those that punish him pay. You can find details here

Bugden goes first alphabetically in kinder, gentler draft September 27, 2006

After three hours in a close door session, new Captains Lee and Christen picked their teams yesterday for the upcoming season.

"It was like a tough game of blackjack in Vegas" said Captain Lee "He's very good at hiding his intentions. In the end though, I think I got the team that I wanted"

"Let the games begin" responded the ever ironic Christen "we were both drawing from the same deck."

The new season begins next week, you can find the results of the marathon draft session here.

It's a whole new year, September 5-06

Welcome back to TNH 2006-07. With the exhibition season starting this evening, we are proud to present your new captains for 2006-07 - Gordon Lee, and Brett Christen. Both men were chosen after they were put through an arduous selection process.

Over the next three weeks, Brett and Gordon will be assessing your worthiness to be on their team.So play hard. Keep your head up, and for god sakes, pass to Brett whether he's in the clear or not.

It's your duty.

Chasse will replace McGee as commissioner, September 2006

Ed "Big Head" Chasse has been named acting commissioner for the upcoming season.

"I decided it was time to let Little Eddy spread his wings"

McGee will be watching his protege closely

"I only hope the players will give Mr. Chase the same respect that they have afforded me over the years. "

McGee is expected to return th his duties in January of 2007.