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Paul Swanson picks his favourites for the Hockey Boy awards, April 28-2007

You knew this lawyer had opinions, but you didn't know how many. In Paul's world, everyone gets a Hockey Boy award (including himself)

 Franchise Boy: Dee.

Goon Boy: Paul H

Lost Boy: would you believe Mike?

Black Hole Boy: Pat (pass to him and you won't see the puck again)

Endless Shift Boy: Ned

Ill-Advised Pinch Boy: Ed C

Guiltless Boy: Paul S (blames everyone else for his numerous mistakes)

New Boy: Three-way tie: Ronnie (stepped it up in playoffs), Rod (also stepped it up -- had another couple of goals yesterday), Ed M (actually backchecks).

Health-Scare Boy: James

Floater Boy: Brett

Garbage Boy: Gordon L

Half-Baked Explanation Boy: Jim

Thinks-he's-better-with-his-new-expensive-stick-but-he's-not Boy: Bruce

Make-way-for-Dee Boy: Gary

Congeniality Boy: Gordon M.

Alfredsson Boy: Terry

Coast-to-Coast Boy: Mark

Marathon Boy: Lawrie

Boomerang Boy: Ian (quits, comes back, quits, comes back quits ...)

Poor Cousin Boy: Andrew (good, but not as good as Dee)

Any comments on Paul's choices? Need to make some additions of your own? Please, please send them here

Pat "Don't hurt me or I'll sue" Corrigan serves notice, Oct 3-2006

Citing the case of Marc Leonard vs. Andrew Dunn, TNH vet Pat Corrigan has vowed to sue if pushed. Briefly, Leonard was awarded 20k recently by an Ontario judge after receiving a punch from Andrew Dunn in a beer league hockey game.*

Corrigan has threatened to do the same.

"Sometimes Ned hits me, and it hurts" said Corrigan after reading the story "if he does it again, he'll have to pay"

Twenty k should just about finish that Maple Leaf memorial rec room and leave a little for a couple of nice Merlot's huh Pat? So over agressive player's beware, if you hurt him, he will sue.

*You can find the full Globe and Mail story here.

Maclaren retires, September 2006

Yes its true, after years of service flopping and stopping your errant slap shots, George Maclaren is retiring from the ranks of TNH

"They don't make livers like they use"

Maclaren, who used his severance package from IBM to purchase a new liver in the far east is less than satisfied with his new bile processor

"I paid ten thousand for this baby, and its lasted less than two years. At this rate, I'm going to be bankrupt by the time I'm one hundred"

Obviously an extremely good severance package.

Maclaren will be missed by all of those who smacked one by him over the years. Those of you wishing to stay in touch with George should contact him directly at the Bossotel Hotel in Bangkok

Macmurdo threatens to return, September 5, 2006

Will he, or won't he. That's the thought on everyone's mind.

After an absence of nigh on two years, Dave "Angry Boy" Macmurdo has threatened to return to the ranks of Tuesday Night Hockey. Captains Lee and Christen are nervous with anticipation

"Macmurdo can change the balance of a squad" said Lee in his first interview "you know it'll be tough picking between him and Eugene"

"Angry Boy" Macmurdo had become known for his fiery un-predictable outbursts and decided to take his violent streak on the road.

"I wasn't bad, but I wasn't good"

Macmurdo had a pro record of 0-35.

"Okay, I was a punching bag, but that doesn't mean I wasn't a good punching bag. I almost got the decision in a couple of matches"

Macmurdo will join Ian Campbell on the returnee list for this year's season. We can only wait to see how these two men will tip the balance.