Tuesday Night Hockey 2008-09 Season

Carter wins Championship, April 28-09

After missing the first and third game of the four game series, former TNH captain Paul Harp returned to the fold last night and lead Team Carter to a 4-3 victory in the final game of the season. The one goal margin was enough to give the White Boys a 2 goal advantage in the championship and the right to call themselves “TNH Hockey Champs.”

“I was just glad to have him back” said Team Captain Carter. “It was like having a second coach out there. I was getting sick of yelling at Chasse to stay on his side and tired of stopping Lee from taking all those breakaways. And Leblanc? Don't get me started. Lets just say I'll be dangling him as trade bait in the Fall.”

Harp potted two to lead his teammates to the victory despite complaining of “an indeterminate upper body injury.” It was a valiant effort for sure, almost as impressive as Captain Velagic playing with one arm for the duration of the series.

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